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Essbase Calculations Script Process

Calculation scripts are text files that define how to calculate data in the database.

In a block storage database, they represent the second method of calculations after the basic outline calculations

Calculation scripts perform calculations different from the consolidations and mathematical operations that are defined in the database outline.

For example, you can calculate part of a database or copy values between members.

Because calculation scripts perform specific mathematical operations on member, they are typically associated with a particular database. You can, however, define a calculation script for use with multiple databases.

Calculation scripts files have a .csc extension.

The calculation processes of a single database can use any number of calculation scripts.

Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager is a new tool which centralize the development of calculations for HFM, Essbase, and Planning.


/* Turn off Intelligent Calculation */

/* Focus Calculation on Budget Scenario */
FIX (Budget)

/* Calculate discounts as 5% of Gross Sales */
"Discounts" = "Gross Sales" * .05;

/* Recalculate all dimensions except scenario */
CALC DIM ("Accounts", "Year Tot", "Customer", "Product");

/* End the focus on the Budget Scenario */

By default, Essbase calculates only data that changed since the prior calculation. In this example, intelligent calculation is disabled to force Essbase to recalculate data.

FIX statements enable you to limit your calculations on specific areas of the database. FIX statement end with an ENDFIX statement.

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