Essbase - Shared Members


The data values associated with a shared member come from another member with the same name. The shared member stores a pointer to data contained in the other member, and the data is stored only once. To define a member as shared, an actual non-shared member of the same name must exist.

For example, in the Sample.Basic database, the 100-20 member under 100 stores the data for that member. The 100-20 member under Diet points to that value.

Shared members typically are used to calculate the same member across multiple parents; for example, to calculate a Diet Cola member in both the 100 and Diet parents.

Using shared members lets you use members repeatedly throughout a dimension. Essbase stores the data value only once, but it displays in multiple locations. Storing the data value only once saves space and improves processing efficiency.

Shared members must be in the same dimension. Data can be shared by multiple members.

Members with the same name may be duplicate members instead of shared members.


Would shared members be more efficient if designed within an Essbase - Attribute dimensions (other than shared)?

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