Essbase - Functions


Functions are predefined routines that perform specialized calculations and return :

  • sets of members
  • or sets of data values.

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Type of functions

The Essbase functions include more than 100 predefined routines to extend the calculation capabilities of Essbase. Essbase supports the following functions:

  • Boolean functions, which provide a conditional test by returning a TRUE or FALSE value
  • Mathematical functions, which perform specialized mathematical calculations
  • Relationship functions, which look up data values within a database during a calculation based on the position of the current member
  • Range functions, which declare a range of members as an argument to another function or to a command
  • Financial functions, which perform specialized financial calculations
  • Member set functions, which are based on a specified member and which generate lists of members
  • Allocation functions, which allocate values that are input at a parent level across child members
  • Forecasting functions, which manipulate data for the purpose of smoothing data, interpolating data, or calculating future values
  • Statistical functions, which calculate advanced statistics
  • Date and time functions, which use date and time characteristics in calculation formulas
  • Calculation mode functions, which specify the calculation mode that Essbase uses to calculate a formula

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