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Loading data is the process of adding data values to an database from a data source. If the data source is not perfectly formatted, you need a data load rules files to load the data values.

You can load data without updating the outline, update the outline without loading data, or load data and build dimensions simultaneously.

No Check against Member Field

While it processes each record in a data source for a data load, Essbase does not check to ensure that a member specified in a member field belongs to the dimension specified for the dimension field. Essbase loads the data value to the data cell identified by the member combination in the record.

Example : if a record reversed Jan and Sales (Texas, ‘100-10’, Sales, Jan, Actual, 42), Essbase would load 42 to the correct data cell. The exception is for fields in the rules file set as dimension reference method.

Process for Data Loading

To load data values into an Essbase database, follow these steps.

Set up the data source

Set up the data load rule file

Perform the data load

You cannot load data into :

For example, if Year is a Dynamic Calc member, you cannot load data into it. Instead, load data into Qtr1, Qtr2, Qtr3, and Qtr4, which are not Dynamic Calc members.

You may be aware that if you load data into a parent member, they can be overwritten by a data consolidation. See Essbase - Data load in a parent member overwritten by consolidation


Tools to load data

Tool Topic Location
Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Performing a Data Load or Dimension Build Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Essbase - MaxL import data Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Essbase - EssCmd IMPORT Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

Spreadsheet files restrictions when loading data

Restriction from UNIX computer

When using spreadsheet files to data load data or build an outline in Essbase, the spreadsheet files must reside on a Windows computer, regardless of the tool you use. Spreadsheet files that reside on a UNIX computer or are transferred via FTP to a UNIX computer are not supported. If Essbase Administration Server is installed on a UNIX computer, data loads and dimension builds from client-side spreadsheet files are not supported.

Remove formatting

To avoid rules file, data load, and dimension build errors, remove formatting in Microsoft Excel data source files; for example, in Excel, set color to “Automatic” and “No Fill,” and remove font settings such as bold and italic.

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