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Essbase requires a server/computer to run a multi-threaded operating system so a server can efficiently manage simultaneous requests. Essbase server is also used in place of the essbase server agent which is the process that acts as a traffic coordinator for all user requests to applications.

One or more Essbase Servers store and process multidimensional database information.

The number of ports available for an Essbase Server represents the number of licensed concurrent connections. Essbase provides one reserve port for the system administrator. A system administrator uses the reserve port to log out one or more users when all other ports are in use. See Running Essbase Servers, Applications, and Databases.

Essbase—a multi-threaded OLAP database software that takes advantage of symmetric multiprocessing hardware platforms—is based on Web-deployable, thin-client architecture.

The server acts as a shared resource, handling :

The Essbase client needs only to retrieve and view data that resides on a server.

All application components, including :

reside on a server.

With Essbase, you can configure server disk storage to span multiple disk drives, enabling you to store large databases.

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