Essbase - Application Programming Interface ( API )

Essbase Overview


Essbase API—the developers’ interface to Essbase—enables you to create customized applications. The Oracle Essbase API Reference provides a complete listing of API functions, platforms, and supported compilers.

Documentation / Reference

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Essbase Architecture Overview
Essbase - Architecture/Components

Figure below provides a high-level view of the information flow between the three tiers of the Essbase architecture : (on the left) (in the center) (on the right) The client tier includes...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Clients

The client tier of the are : for Office, Fusion Edition, , Fusion Edition. an MDX query, or Report Writer. You can install them separately of the server installation....
Essbase Overview
Provider Services

Oracle Hyperion is a middle-tier data source provider to the following products: Planning Oracle BI EE Smart View for Office, Java API (Essbase data only) XMLA clients (Essbase data only)...

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