Essbase - Clients

Essbase Overview


The client tier of the Essbase - Architecture/Components are :

You can install them separately of the server installation.

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Administration Services Architecture
Essbase - Administration Services Console

Administration Services Console is the common graphical user interface (GUI) of that enables administrators to manage the Essbase environment from one navigation tree, called . essbase studio The console...
Essbase Architecture Overview
Essbase - Architecture/Components

Figure below provides a high-level view of the information flow between the three tiers of the Essbase architecture : (on the left) (in the center) (on the right) The client tier includes...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - How to produce report ?

To produce reports, Essbase provides several clients and options: Use the Report Writer option in Essbase to select commands and options. Use a spreadsheet in Essbase template retrieval mode. Execute...
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Essbase - Server Agent

Every Application runs a server process which is controlled by the Essbase Server Agent. When you start an application, the Essbase Server agent loads it and all associated database into memory on the...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Servers

Essbase requires a server/computer to run a multi-threaded operating system so a server can efficiently manage simultaneous requests. Essbase server is also used in place of the essbase server agent which...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Verifying that Essbase Server Is Available

The essbase server can be unavailable for two reasons : the server agent is not running a problem with the network To help identify such problem, you can : perform a try to connect to the...

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