Essbase - Spreadsheet Add-in

Essbase Overview


Spreadsheet Add-in integrates Essbase with Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet Add-in adds the Essbase menu to Excel, which provides enhanced commands such as :

  • Connect,
  • Pivot,
  • Drill-down,
  • and Calculate.

Users can access and analyze data on Essbase - Servers with mouse clicks and dragging operations. Spreadsheet Add-in enables multiple users to access and update data on an Essbase Server simultaneously.

Spreadsheet Queries

Within Spreadsheet Add-in, users can create and save queries using Query Designer (EQD) in Essbase - Spreadsheet Queries artifact files. Users with access to the query can access it later.

Member Select Definitions

Within Spreadsheet Add-in, users can define and save member retrievals with the member select feature in a Member Select Definitions files.

Excel Add-in

In Excel 2007, start button > excel options:

Essbase Add In Excel

Documentation / Reference

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Member Select Definitions

is an created with . Users can define and save retrievals with the member select feature. Member specification files have a .sel extension.

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