Essbase - Locking and Unlocking Outlines


In Essbase - Outline Editor, an Essbase - Outline (Database Outline) is always locked when it is opened in edit mode. Essbase unlocks the outline when the outline is closed. When an outline is locked, Essbase does not allow other users to save over, rename, delete, or edit the outline. When you attempt to edit a locked outline, you are given an option to view the outline in Outline Viewer.

If you have Administrator permissions, you can unlock a locked outline. Before you forcefully unlock a locked outline, make sure that no one else is working with it.

Essbase uses a different process for locking and unlocking outlines than for other database Essbase - Artifacts/Objects. See Essbase - Locking and unlocking artifacts.


* To unlock an outline, use a tool:

Tool Topic Documentation Location
Essbase - Administration Services Console Locking and Unlocking Outlines Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Essbase - MaxL create database as Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Essbase - EssCmd UNLOCKOBJECT Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

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