Essbase - Application (Directory Structure)


An Essbase application is a management structure that contains :

Except for databases requiring use of the Currency Conversion option, creating one applications per Essbase - Database (cube) is recommended.

Essbase applications and databases reside on an essbase servers.

The server computer can store multiple applications.

Essbase provide two types of applications :

  • ASO application. An aggregate storage application can contain only one database.
  • and BSO application

Every Essbase Application runs a server process which is controlled by the Server Agent.

How to create an Application ?


When an application is created on the Essbase - Servers, Essbase creates a subdirectory for the application on the Essbase Server in the ARBORPATH/app directory.

The new subdirectory has the same name as the application. For example, ARBORPATH/app/app1.

In Administration Console, applications and databases are displayed in a tree structure in Enterprise View.

To create an application, you can use several tools :

Tool Topic Location Documentation
EAS Creating Applications Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
MaxL create application Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
ESSCMD CREATEAPP Oracle Essbase Technical Reference


You can also create an application that is a copy of an existing application. See Copying or Migrating Applications.

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