Essbase - Application (Directory Structure)

1 - About

An Essbase application is a management structure that contains :

Except for databases requiring use of the Currency Conversion option, creating one applications per Essbase - Database (cube) is recommended.

Essbase applications and databases reside on an essbase servers.

The server computer can store multiple applications.

Essbase provide two types of applications :

  • ASO application. An aggregate storage application can contain only one database.
  • and BSO application

Every Essbase Application runs a server process which is controlled by the Server Agent.

3 - How to create an Application ?

3.1 - Create

When an application is created on the Essbase - Servers, Essbase creates a subdirectory for the application on the Essbase Server in the ARBORPATH/app directory.

The new subdirectory has the same name as the application. For example, ARBORPATH/app/app1.

In Administration Console, applications and databases are displayed in a tree structure in Enterprise View.

To create an application, you can use several tools :

Tool Topic Location Documentation
EAS Creating Applications Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
MaxL create application Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
ESSCMD CREATEAPP Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

3.2 - Copy

You can also create an application that is a copy of an existing application. See Copying or Migrating Applications.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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