Essbase - Data load in a parent member overwritten by consolidation


If you work with a block storage database (not aggregate storage) and then you load data into a parent member, when you calculate the database, the consolidation of the children’s data values can overwrite the parent data value. To prevent overwriting:

  • If possible, do not load data directly into a parent.
  • If you must load data into a parent member, ensure that Essbase knows not to consolidate #MISSING values from the children of the parent into the parent.

Tool to set the consolidation

Tool Topic Location
Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Aggregating Missing Values During Calculation Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Calculation Script SET AGGMISSG Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Essbase - MaxL alter database Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Essbase - EssCmd SETDBSTATEITEM Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

The methods in this table work only if the child values are empty (#MISSING). If the children have data values, the data values overwrite the data values of the parent. See Consolidating #MISSING Values.

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