Essbase - Members


Dimensional Data Modeling - Member

Members are the individual components of a dimension.

For example:

  • the members of a Region dimension can be East, West, South, and Total US.
  • Product A, Product B, and Product C might be members of the Product dimension.

Each member has a unique name.

The data associated with a member can be :

  • stored (referred to as a stored member ),
  • or dynamically calculated when a user retrieves it

The members may consist of other members and then represent a hierarchy.

When you create a dimension, you tell Essbase how to consolidate the values of its individual members. A consolidation is a group of members in a branch of the tree.

In Essbase, member combinations are denoted by the cross-dimensional operator. The symbol for the cross-dimensional operator is →, so July → Product A denotes the block for July and Product A. The intersection of July, Product A, and France is written July → Product A → France.


The properties of members define the roles of the members in the design of the multidimensional structure.

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