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Essbase uses a checkout facility for database Essbase - Artifacts/Objects to ensure that only one user modifies an Essbase - Artifacts/Objects at one time. This section describes how to lock and unlock artifacts, with the exception of Essbase - Outline (Database Outline). See Essbase - Locking and Unlocking Outlines.

Locking Artifacts

Locking artifacts is not the same as locking Essbase - Data block. The Essbase kernel handles locking for data blocks but not for Essbase - Artifacts/Objects. See Data Block Locks.

By default, whenever you open a database artifact, Essbase prompts you to lock the artifact. You can change this default behavior for some artifacts; see “Setting Essbase Default Options” in Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help.

When an artifact is locked, Essbase does not allow other users to save over, rename, or delete the Essbase - Artifacts/Objects. You can open a locked Essbase - Artifacts/Objects and edit it, but you cannot save over the existing Essbase - Artifacts/Objects. To save changes made to a locked artifact, save the modified artifact to a different location. You can execute and copy locked artifacts.

Unlocking Artifacts

You can unlock artifacts according to your permissions. In Essbase - Administration Service (EAS), you can view all Essbase - Artifacts/Objects locks for an Essbase - Servers, Essbase - Application (Directory Structure), or Essbase - Database (cube).

To unlock an artifact, use a tool:

Tool Topic Documentation Location
Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Locking and Unlocking Objects Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Essbase - MaxL alter object Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Essbase - EssCmd UNLOCKOBJECT Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

Documentation / Reference

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