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Logical Data Modeling - Field in Essbase.

Essbase Field Properties

Essbase - Data Source can contain three sort of field :

Essbase Data Source Kinds Of Fields

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - Build Method

The build method has to be choose to perform a dimension build. The build method that you select : depends on the type of data in the data source and determines the algorithm that Essbase uses...
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Essbase - Data Source

A data source is external data that is loaded into an database with the help of one this two process : Data sources contain the information that you want to load into the Essbase database. A data...
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When you create dimension with thousands of member or with many alternate hierarchy, you want to automate the process to add the member. You use Dimension build rules files to map dimension and member...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Level Reference Build Method

level reference is a build method that you must specify during a dimension build. It's aimed to : Create shared members that roll up into different generations Modify the properties of existing dimensions...

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