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Essbase Overview


Oracle Essbase Integration Services—an optional product component—provides a metadata-driven environment to bridge the gap between data stored in database and detailed data stored in relational databases.

It was the first major effort to bring together the power of Essbase with details stored in relational databases, was Essbase Integration Server (“EIS”) (used by less than 10% of Essbase customers to provide drill-through). From the release 11.1.1, Essbase Studio was introduced to replace it.

Oracle Essbase Integration Services provides a suite of graphical tools that can be used to create:

To create OLAP models or build metaoutlines, you must connect Integration Services to a database that contains metadata (the Essbase - Integration Services - OLAP Metadata Catalog database).

Hybrid Analysis allows portions of database to be stored in a relational database. This relational-stored data is mapped to the appropriate Essbase hierarchies.

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Essbase Architecture Overview
Essbase - Architecture/Components

Figure below provides a high-level view of the information flow between the three tiers of the Essbase architecture : (on the left) (in the center) (on the right) The client tier includes...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Clients

The client tier of the are : for Office, Fusion Edition, , Fusion Edition. an MDX query, or Report Writer. You can install them separately of the server installation....
Essbase Client
Essbase - How to install the Essbase Client Software ?

To install the following client (console) software: Just follow the same guideline that the normal installation but choose only the client tiers as shown in the next picture.
Essbase Eis Tbc Dsn Odbc
Essbase - Integration Service - Setting up the TBC sample application

To set up the Beverage Company sample application in integration service, you have two possibilities : automatically manually Log in the Oracle Database and perform this statement ...
Eis Meta Odbc
Essbase - Integration Services - OLAP Metadata Catalog

To create OLAP models or build metaoutlines with Integration Services, you must connect Integration Services to a database that contains metadata (the OLAP Metadata Catalog database). To make these connections,...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Sample Data Source TBC (The Beverage Company)

TBC (The Beverage Company) is a database for a fictitious company of Essbase. It's used for sample purpose with : integration service : How to set up the TBC sample application ? Connect as...
Essbase Studio Overview
Essbase - Studio

Prior to release 11.1.1, users could create links to transactional data in relational datawarehouse by using a suite of tools called . Release 11.1.1 introduces Essbase Studio. Combining into a single...

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