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Substitution variables are global placeholders for regularly changing information. Because changes to a variable value are reflected everywhere the variable is used, manual changes are reduced.


For example, many reports depend on reporting periods, if you generate a report based on the current month, you must update the report script manually every month. With a substitution variable, such as CurMnth, set on the server, you can change the assigned value each month to the appropriate time period. When you use the variable name in a Report Script, the information is dynamically updated when you run the final report.


You can use substitution variables with both Essbase - Aggregate Storage and block storage applications in the following areas:

See these Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help topics: “Setting Headers in the Rules File” and “Mapping Field Names.”

How to set/unset substitution variables ?

You can manage substitution variables on the Essbase - Servers following this naming rules and using this tools :

Tool Topic Documentation Location
Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) Managing Substitution Variables Oracle Essbase Administration Services Online Help
Essbase - MaxL alter system
alter application
alter database
Oracle Essbase Technical Reference
Oracle Essbase Technical Reference

You can create, delete, update and copy a substitution variables.

Set Level

You can set substitution variables on the Essbase Server at any of the following levels:

  • Server : Essbase Server—providing access to the variable from all applications and databases on the Essbase - Servers
  • Application : Application—providing access to the variable from all databases within the application
  • Database : Database—providing access to the variable within the specified database

Documentation / Reference

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