Essbase - Administration Services Console

Essbase Overview


Administration Services Console is the common graphical user interface (GUI) of Essbase - Administration Service (EAS) that enables administrators to manage the Essbase environment from one navigation tree, called Essbase - Enterprise View.

From realease 11.1.1, it's progressively replaced by essbase studio.

The console provides wizards, editors, and other tools to help administrators view, manage, and maintain a unique set of Essbase Servers.

You can preview data from within the console without having to open a Essbase - Clients application, such as Essbase - Spreadsheet Add-in. You can also use custom Java plug-ins to leverage and extend key functionality.

When you start Essbase - Administration Server, if Essbase - Servers is started, you are automatically connected to each Essbase Server you added to Essbase - Enterprise View.


Administration Services Architecture


The interface is organised into three frames :

  • The navigation frame Essbase - Enterprise View provides a graphical hierarchy view of the essbase environment
  • The object window Essbase - Outline Editor frame is a workspace where objects are displayed after you open them
  • The message frame display system information message

Essbase Administration Console Interface

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