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Block Storage databases are optimized for data set that are partially denses. Data is stored in dense data blocks which are indexed along sparse dimension for retrieval.

This storage paradigm enables you to perform :

  • top-down budgeting and planning
  • in addition to sophisticated pre-aggregation calculations

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - ASO/BSO Storage

Essbase support two storage type : block storage (BSO) and aggregate storage (ASO) as a persistence mechanism for multidimensional databases. How the data are internally stored is determined by...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Aggregate Storage

Essbase provides an aggregate storage kernel as a persistence mechanism for multidimensional databases. Aggregate storage database are optimized for sparse data set that primarily require simple aggregation....
Essbase Folders Structure
Essbase - Application (Directory Structure)

An Essbase application is a management structure that contains : one or more database (cube) and related files called artifacts Essbase applications and databases reside on an essbase servers....
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Essbase - BSO Access Path

Essbase BSO uses two types of internal structures to store and access data: data block and index Accessing a cell in the data block does not involve sequential or index searches. The search...
Essbase Calculations Script Process
Essbase - Calculation Script

Calculation scripts are text files that define how to calculate data in the database. In a block storage database, they represent the second method of calculations after the basic outline calculations...
Essbase Overview
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Essbase includes powerful calculation features for demanding analytic requirements. A rich library of functions makes it easy to define advanced and sophisticated business logic and relationships. Essbase...
Essbase Overview
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If you work with a block storage database (not aggregate storage) and then you load data into a parent member, when you calculate the database, the consolidation of the children’s data values can overwrite...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Database Restructuration

For information the types of changes and types of restructuring, see the following topics: For block storage outlines, see Optimizing...
Essbase Dimension Build Rules Files
Essbase - Dimension build rules files

When you create dimension with thousands of member or with many alternate hierarchy, you want to automate the process to add the member. You use Dimension build rules files to map dimension and member...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Outline-based Calculations

Outline Calculations represent the simplest method of calculations. In block storage outline calculations, Essbase calculates the essbase database according to : the relationship between member in the...

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