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Essbase - Tag


A tag in Essbase is the equivalent of a property.

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Essbase Overview
Essbase - Consolidation Storage Properties

Data storage properties define where and when consolidations are stored. For example, by default, members are tagged as store data. Essbase sums the values of store data members and stores the result...
Measures Dimension Dynamic Calc Tags
Essbase - Dynamic Calculations

When you design the overall database , you may want to define a member as a Dynamic Calc member. When you a member as Dynamic Calc, Essbase calculates the of that member when you retrieve the data, instead...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Label only

Label only is a tag that you can apply to a member to indicate that : you don't want to store data. the Members do not have data associated with them.
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Time balance properties

The tags : first, last, average, and expense are available exclusively for use with accounts dimension members. Using this tag requires an accounts dimension and a time dimension If an...
Tbc Measures Dimension
Essbase - Two-Pass Calculations

This label indicates that some member must be calculated twice to produce the desired value. The two-pass property works only : on members of the dimension tagged as account and on members tagged...
Essbase Overview
Essbase - Variance Reporting

Variance reporting properties determine how Essbase calculates the difference between actual and budget data in a member with the @VAR or @VARPER function in its member formula. Any member that represents...

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