Essbase - Loading a Subset of Records from a Data Source

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You can load a subset of records in a data source during a data load or a dimension build.

For example, you can load records 250 to 500 without loading the other records of the data source.

How to

To load a subset of records:

  • Using a text-editing tool, number the records in the data source.
  • Set the rules file to ignore the column containing the record number. See Ignoring Fields.
  • Define a rejection criterion that rejects all records except those that you want to load.

For example, reject all records for which the ignored column is fewer than 250 or greater than 500. See Rejecting Records.

You cannot reject more records than the error log can hold. By default, the limit is 1000. You can change the limit by setting DATAERRORLIMIT in the essbase.cfg file.

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