Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Tools

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This article list the Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Tools.

Oracle is bringing these products together with the OBIEE products :

in the OBIEE plus denomination.

Interactive Reporting

Oracle's Hyperion® Interactive Reporting provides intuitive user-directed query and analysis capabilities. This business intelligence software delivers these capabilities through an interface that enables users to design dashboards, and then monitor and navigate to relevant information.

Financial Reporting

Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Fusion Edition enables generation of formatted, book-quality financial and management reports that comply with regulations and external requirements. Financial Reporting can help you control and increase operational efficiencies.

SQR Production Reporting

Oracle's Hyperion® SQR® Production Reporting generates high-volume, presentation-quality formatted reports and provides unparalleled performance—even when the data comes from disparate sources. Production Reporting delivers the business context for key metrics by consolidating information from core business applications throughout the enterprise.

Web Analysis

Oracle's Hyperion® Web Analysis delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, presentation, and reporting for the extended enterprise.

Smart View

Essbase - Smart View


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