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Delivers is an alerting engine to capture and distribute automatically scheduled notifications, alerts and contents Alerts to individuals or groups via multiple channels such as :

  • email,
  • dashboards,
  • and mobile devices including text messages and wireless phones

in response to predefined business events (such as threshold) based on analytics results.

Oracle BI Delivers is the web interface used to create Oracle Business Intelligence Alerts or intelligence bots called iBots. iBots are software-based agents, driven by schedules or events based on analytics (answer data based on specified criteria).

Specific results can be detected within reports and the appropriate people notified immediately through Web, wireless, and mobile communications channels.

Users with the appropriate permissions can use Oracle BI Delivers to:

  • set up the conditions to trigger an alert.
  • subscribe to an alert

For example, if a user should be notified when a particular event occurs, such as customer account going critical, an alert can be created that will notify the user.

Alerts can be chained together. By passing contextual information from one alert to another, it is possible to execute a multi-step, multi-person, and multi-application analytical workflow.

The users choose delivery options by creating individual delivery profiles. For example, a user might define an “out of office” delivery profile. Within a profile, delivery options can be varied according to the urgency of the alert.


Some of the features of Oracle BI Delivers are:

  • Create and Subscribe to Proactive Alerts

Oracle BI Delivers presents an intuitive mechanism to allow business users to create, publish, and subscribe to proactive alerts and conditions. Users can select and schedule published requests to be executed and then delivered to them via a multitude of devices. Users can define alert conditions on data driven thresholds on specific analytic measures and on time driven conditions.

  • Actionable iBots

Oracle BI Delivers provides the ability for any user (not just administrators) to define their own processes, called ibots. Ibots “watch” for user-defined conditions and or thresholds upon which they notify the user. Oracle BI Delivers can take action based on a pre-defined decision tree. For example: “If supplies of Product A drop below 10,000 units, send an e-mail to me, the warehouse, and the supplier”

  • Composite/Complex Conditions

Oracle BI Delivers allows users to create ibots that watch for very complex conditions combining data-driven and time-based conditions on real-time and historical data.

  • Multiple Delivery Channels and Profiles

Users can personalize how they wish to be notified (e-mail, pager, palm, phone call) at various times of day and week. Delivery profiles can be matched to individual alerts to which a user subscribes.


The first search place when delivering to an email device is the active delivery profile file in the user's home folder. If it doesn't exist Delivers fall back to the System Email device (which can be retrieved from the LDAP)

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