OBIEE 11g - extractprojects utility

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This utility is used to extract projects from a given repository (B for base) to another repository (O for output).

You can choose the project by name of by uid.


The option must be given in lower-case not in upper-case such as given in the help.

   -b base_repository_pathname 
   -o output_repository_pathname 
   {-i input_project_name} 
   [{-u input_project_upgrade_id}] 
   [-p password] 
   [-f uid_file_to_extract] 
   [-e projects_list_file_name]


  • Repository Options
    • -b : Base repository name
    • -p : Base and output Password repository
    • -o : Output repository name
  • Project choice
    • -i : Input project name
    • -u : Input project upgradeid
    • -f : file containing uids to extract for a batch mode. Doesn't work.
  • Logging
    • -l : Enable logging
  • Extraction
    • -e : Extracting projects names file


Extract multiple project

  • Extract from rp1.rpd to rp2.rpd projects project1 and project2 using password secret.
ExtractProjects -P secret -B rp1.rpd -O rp2.rpd -I project1 -I project2

Extract the list a projects in a file

  • Extract projects names from rp1.rpd to projectslist.txt file. Password will be prompted.
ExtractProjects -B rp1.rpd -E project_filename.txt

Output project_filename.txt:


Extract project from a uid

Obiee 11g Project Uid

  • Start the utility
extractprojects -B base.rpd -O output.rpd -U 9611d581-0c78-1000-81f1-c0a847290000
  • It will give you the following console output and a new repository (output.rpd) with one project
Give password:
Everything OK

Documentation / Reference

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