OBIEE 10G/11G - Presentation Layer


This is the layer of the logical business model that is accessible for the clients through a structured query language (SQL) better known as the logical sql.

Presentation layer is often describe as the business model in the literature to include the complete logical business model.

The Presentation layer is the appropriate layer in which to set user permissions.

You can export logical keys to ODBC-based query and reporting tools.

You can exclude the key columns because they have no business meaning.

You can create multiple subject areas for a single business model.

It is a best practice to rename objects in the Business Model and Mapping layer rather than the Presentation layer, for better maintainability.

Be aware that members in a presentation hierarchy are not visible in the Presentation layer. Instead, you can see hierarchy members in Answers.


  • Detailed presentation catalogs should include measures from one fact table only as a general rule, as the detailed dimensions (e.g. degenerate facts) are non-conforming with other fact tables
  • You can rename Subject Area, Table and columns with the help of an alias.

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