Bi Server Architecture With Client



This page is about how to use Oracle Bi Server as a data source via JBDC.

It's possible to make a connection with the presentation layer of the repository through JDBC and to query it via the OBIEE - BI Server (OBIS|nqsserver|nqs)

For a step by step, see this blog



The Jdbc driver of Oracle BI Server is a part of the BI Open Interface and is located in the directory:

  • 10g: OracleBIHome\jdbc
  • 11g: {Middleware_home}\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jdbc\lib (See the Readme.txt in the same directory for more information)
  • 12c: {Middleware_home}\bi\clients

You can find the following file: bijdbc.jar

A bijdbc14.jar has existed and wasused by BIP in the directory OC4J_Home\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlpserver\WEB-INF\lib


The Jdbc connections parameters are available here

Built-in Function

OBIEE - BI Server (JDBC|ODBC) Driver Functions

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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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