OBIEE - Initialization Block

Connection Pool

Query Only Selectable Object

This option will show you all connection pool that are not the first one.


Required for authentication

This option is designed to check the Initialization block who hold security/important variables.

In other word, if the initialization of this variables does not succeed the user is not authorized to log in otherwise for instance:

  • OBIEE can show data where the user has no authorization (for instance, with the GROUP variable)
  • some functionalities will not work

It's not recommended to check it on a authentication init block oterhwise you can get this error:

[nQSError: 13024] Successful completion of init block 'Authentication' is required

How to

Create a date server variable

Init block parameters:

  • SQL Statement
  • The Variable Target Default Initializer defines the data type
date '2013-01-01'

Documentation / Reference

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