OBIEE - Initialization Block

2 - Connection Pool

2.1 - Query Only Selectable Object

This option will show you all connection pool that are not the first one.

3 - Option

3.1 - Required for authentication

This option is designed to check the Initialization block who hold security/important variables.

In other word, if the initialization of this variables does not succeed the user is not authorized to log in otherwise for instance:

  • OBIEE can show data where the user has no authorization (for instance, with the GROUP variable)
  • some functionalities will not work
It's not recommended to check it on a authentication init block oterhwise you can get this error:
[nQSError: 13024] Successful completion of init block 'Authentication' is required

3.2 - How to

3.2.1 - Create a date server variable

Init block parameters:

  • SQL Statement
  • The Variable Target Default Initializer defines the data type
date '2013-01-01'

4 - Documentation / Reference

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