OBIEE - the Cross/Cartesian Join

1 - About

To perform a cross join (often between the dimension), you have two ways :

To know what sort of join is is a cross join, follow this link : SQL - Cross Join / Cartesian Product

3 - In the repository

As the cross join is mainly used to densify the data, you can find the design details in this paragraph from this article.

4 - With the Obiee Logical Sql

In an answers advanced tab, you can set directly a Sql statement.

Example of cross join with Obiee logical sql :

SELECT  C.saw_0 saw_0, B.saw_0 saw_1, B.saw_1 saw_2  FROM 
 ( Select Calendar."Calendar Year" saw_0, Fiscal."Fiscal Week Number" saw_1 FROM SH ) B,
( Select Products."Prod Name" saw_0 FROM SH ) C

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