Reporting and Data Access Tools


A data access tool query the data in the datawarehouse, Database management system (DBMS) of others places where are stored data (file, xml, …)

Reporting is the action of listing detail, summary data or computed information.

Dashboard, Entreprise Performance Management

Open source:

Pixel Perfect Report

Reporting scenarios

Common reporting scenarios that can be found in many organizations include:

  • Scheduled delivery of standard reports. BI developers create a set of standard business reports that business users receive by email or delivery to a file share on a regular basis.
  • On-demand access to standard reports. Business users consume reports on-demand by browsing to an online report repository.
  • Dashboards. Reports are integrated into an application or portal to provide contextualized business information at a glance.
  • Custom reports. Business users request specific reports from the IT department, and BI developer creates the reports to order.
  • Self-service reporting/Ad-hoc query. Business users can use report authoring tools to create their own reports, often based on data sources and datasets that have been published by the IT department.

Report Consumption

Typically, reports are consumed in one of the following three ways.

  • Online – users view the report in a web browser.
  • As a document in an application – Users open the report in an application
  • Printed – Users print the report and view it in hard copy.


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