Mapviewer - Creation of a dynamic Map (with Nsdp)

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The purpose of this article is twice :

The goal is to made the same map made than this article (Mapviewer - SH Customer Density Semi-Static Map) but to use the javascript library instead of MapBuilder to design the map elements (colour, bucket, theme, …).


You must have perform all the steps from this article (Mapviewer - SH Customer Density Semi-Static Map) and/of to understand the key concept of MapViewer.


<script language=javascript>
  function showMap()
    var baseURL  = "http://""/mapviewer";
    var mapCenterLon = -122.45;
    var mapCenterLat =  37.6706;
    var mapZoom      =  0;  
    var mpoint = MVSdoGeometry.createPoint(mapCenterLon,mapCenterLat,8307);
    var mapview = new MVMapView(document.getElementById("map"), baseURL);
    mapview.addMapTileLayer(new MVMapTileLayer("mvdemo.SH_CUST_DENSITY_MAP")); 

    DynamicTheme = new MVThemeBasedFOI('DynamicTheme', 'mvdemo.THEME_SH_CUST_DENSITY');    
    // Create the Style Colors
    var StyleColor1 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor1","#CCFF00","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_9  
    var StyleColor2 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor2","#6EFF00","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_8
    var StyleColor3 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor3","#00FF21","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_7
    var StyleColor4 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor4","#00FF7B","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_6
    var StyleColor5 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor5","#00FFCB","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_5
    var StyleColor6 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor6","#00D8FF","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_4
    var StyleColor7 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor7","#006EFF","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_3
    var StyleColor8 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor8","#002AFF","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_2
    var StyleColor9 = new MVStyleColor("StyleColor9","#2A00FF","#003333"); // Color of the style C.RB13_1
    // Add the style to the dynamic theme
    // Create a Range Bucket Series
    var RangedBuckets = new Array(1);
    RangedBuckets[0] = new MVNumericRangedBucket(  0,  20, "StyleColor1", "RangeBucket1");
    RangedBuckets[1] = new MVNumericRangedBucket( 20,  40, "StyleColor2", "RangeBucket2");
    RangedBuckets[2] = new MVNumericRangedBucket( 40,  60, "StyleColor3", "RangeBucket3");
    RangedBuckets[3] = new MVNumericRangedBucket( 60,  80, "StyleColor4", "RangeBucket4");
    RangedBuckets[4] = new MVNumericRangedBucket( 80, 100, "StyleColor5", "RangeBucket5");
    RangedBuckets[5] = new MVNumericRangedBucket(100, 120, "StyleColor6", "RangeBucket6");
    RangedBuckets[6] = new MVNumericRangedBucket(120, 140, "StyleColor7", "RangeBucket7");
    RangedBuckets[7] = new MVNumericRangedBucket(140, 160, "StyleColor8", "RangeBucket8");
    RangedBuckets[8] = new MVNumericRangedBucket(160,null, "StyleColor9", "RangeBucket9");
    // Create the Buckets Series and style
    var BucketSeries = new MVBucketSeries("MyCustomBucketSeries");
    var BucketStyle = new MVBucketStyle("SH_CUST_DENSITY_DYMAMIC",BucketSeries);
    // Add and set the rendering style for the Bucket Style to the Dynamic Map
    // Non Spatial Data Provider (Mapviewer >
    var Nsdp = new MVNSDP("defaultNSDP"); // defaultNSDP is the default id provider registered with Map Viewer
    var Parameters = new Object();
    Parameters["xml_url"] = baseURL + "/obiee/nsdp.xml";
    // The theme that contain the key column
    Nsdp.setKeyColumn("STATE_ABRV"); // Match the Column in the advance tab of the theme
    // Add the Ndsp Parameters

    //Navigation Panel
    navPan = new MVMapDecoration(new MVNavigationPanel(),0,0,null,null,4,4) ;
    mapview.addMapDecoration(navPan) ;



The XML data is a surrogate for the database data that will be fed by the Data Access Tools (for OBIEE, byt the BI server based on Answers requests).

<!-- this is the default data provider that comes with MapViewer; please
       refer to the MapViewer User's Guide for instructions on how to use it.
  <ns_data_provider id="defaultNSDP" class="oracle.sdovis.NSDataProviderDefault" />


The result

Mapviewer Dynamic Map

Mouse click on a state launches an info box displaying the attributes with the NSDP attributes from the XML file.

Mapviewer Attributes Info Box


See this article on how to retrieve debug information : Mapviewer debugging - log

Unknown request type

May 6, 2009 2:50:16 PM oracle.lbs.mapcache.MCSServlet doPost
FINER: <request type="unknown request type" data_source="MVDEMO"/>

Possible cause :

  • The name of a function is not good
  • You must pay attention to uppercase and lowercase
  • The new command have been forgotten

For instance :

var BucketSeries = MVBucketSeries("MyCustomBucketSeries");

Must be

var BucketSeries = new MVBucketSeries("MyCustomBucketSeries");

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