MapViewer - Configuration

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MapViewer - Configuration


This paragraph talk about the management of the mapviewer configuration file :

  • in OC4J: oc4j_home\j2ee\home\applications\mapviewer\web\WEB-INF\conf\mapViewerConfig.xml
  • in Weblogic: fmw/Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/jee/mapviewer.ear/web.war/WEB-INF/conf/mapViewerConfig.xml

You can manage it on-line in this location:




  <!-- ****************************************************************** -->
  <!-- ************************ Logging Settings ************************ -->
  <!-- ****************************************************************** -->

  <!-- Uncomment the following to modify logging. Possible values are:
       log_level = "fatal"|"error"|"warn"|"info"|"debug"|"finest"  
                 default: info) ;
       log_thread_name = "true" | "false" ;
       log_time = "true" | "false" ;
       one or more log_output elements.

    <logging log_level="warn" log_thread_name="false"   log_time="true">
       <log_output name="System.err" />
       <log_output name="../log/mapviewer.log" />

Database Connection

  • Ensure that your J2EE application server (OC4J of Weblogic) is running, and launch MapViewer from a Web browser. The default URL is http://mapviewerhost:9704/mapviewer.
  • Then click the Admin link (top right) and enter the admin username and password to log in.
  • From beneath the Management tab, select the Configuration link (top left) to edit the mapViewerCongig.xml configuration file.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the configuration file and find the section, Predefined Data Source. In this section, add the world_sample data source as described below:

From here : If you see an alert dialog with an error message that reads like “JDBC theme is not supported on this data source”, then you need to add the allow_jdbc_theme_based_foi=“true” attribute to the 'mvdemo' data source definition in the MapViewer's mapViewerConfig.xml config file (can be done from the MapViewer admin web console under Management then Confgiuration), then restart MapViewer.

<map_data_source name="world_sample"

Hint: Here is a completed example of the world_sample data source:

<map_data_source name="world_sample"

Before you continue, ensure that your jdbc_password has an “!” in front of it, as illustrated in the examples above. Also, ensure that the data source is in an uncommented section of the xml file: text within is considered as comments only.

  • To conclude this step, click the Save & Restart button to save and add the data source.
  • To ensure that your data source was successfully added, click the Datasources link (under the Configuration link). Your world_sample data source should appear under the Existing data sources section. If your world_sample data source is not visible, then repeat the first step.

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