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The Metadata for Mapviewer are design with the tool map builder

Mapviewer Metadata Mapbuilder


User and MDSYS View MDSYS Table Definition
user_sdo_styles sdo_styles_table this view stores individual map symbols and other types of styles such as: LINE patterns, COLOR definitions, and thematic mapping styles
user_sdo_themes sdo_themes_table this view stores the definitions of individual map layers or themes. A theme is always based on a data table or view, and specifies what rendering and labeling styles to be used.
user_sdo_maps sdo_maps_table this view stores the definitions of base maps. Each base map contains a list of themes. It specifies the display order and on/off status of each theme at various map scales.


connect <username/password>

    create table styles as select * from user_sdo_styles;
    create table themes as select * from user_sdo_themes;
    create table maps as select * from user_sdo_maps;
    create table cached_maps as select * from user_sdo_cached_maps;

    exp <username/password> file=mapviewer_meta.dmp tables=(styles,themes,maps,cached_maps)

Documentation / Reference

  • Public User Synonym Come from the file mvdemo.sql from the demo zip file and from this excellent guide (Integration with OBIEE) )

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