1 - About

Mapviewer is a rendering software of spatial data stored in a Oracle database (Oracle Spatial).

With MapViewer, you can start viewing your Oracle Spatial managed data. MapViewer is a component of Oracle Application Server. It provides powerful geospatial data visualization services.

You can use MapBuilder to import some spatial data into an Oracle database that you have access to. The JView demo permit you to quickly view your spatial data. (You can find it under the Demos tab)

2 - Training, Example, Documentation

2.1 - Installation

2.2 - Article

2.3 - Concept

2.4 - Documentation

2.5 - API

  • Mapviewer - Oracle Maps - JavaScript Client API
  • PL/SQL API: SDO_MVCLIENT Package (Chapter 6 of the documentation book)). MapViewer now has a PL/SQL application programming interface (API). This API consists of the PL/SQL package SDO_MVCLIENT, which is intended for Oracle Database users who want to access OracleAS MapViewer services from inside an Oracle database. This package exposes most capabilities of OracleAS MapViewer, and it handles all communication with the actual OracleAS MapViewer server running on a middle tier on behalf of a user making map requests.

2.6 - Example, Training

you created on a database with version 9.2.x or higher.

My First Geo

2.7 - Blogosphere

3 - Version

http://mapviewerhost:9704/mapviewer/omserver?getv=t To get the version and to see if MapViewer run

4 - Tools

4.1 - Sample Image of Any Style

You can now issue a simple HTTP request to a MapViewer server and get back a sample image showing how a specified MapViewer style will appear. For example, the URL http://mapviewerhost:9704/mapviewer/omserver? will return a small image displaying the M.STAR style, if MapViewer has been deployed at that location.

5 - Support / Error

Problem : Data source cannot be created : [MapperConfig] cannot add map data source.

  • Verify that you can connect to the database (id/password,…)
  • Restart the OC4J service

You can see :

  • the message frame in MapBuilder
  • the command dos which start MapBuilder to see some error

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