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mapviewer debug log


MapViewer outputs its error messages to :

  • the oc4j console
  • and the log file

Usually the error message on the oc4j console provides enough of a hint to resolve the issue.

For example, it states that a map data source was not found, or that a particular theme could not be loaded.

Sometimes however further details may be necessary, particularly when the map output is incomplete (basemap was rendered but a dynamic theme is missing), or different (roads displayed as thin black lines instead of 3 pixel wide blue lines). In such cases it may help to set MapViewer’s logging level to Debug, or Finest, in mapViewerConfig.xml.


The default location of the logfile is


Therefore with a standard installation of OBIEE :

<!-- ****************************************************************** -->
  <!-- ************************ Logging Settings ************************ -->
  <!-- ****************************************************************** -->

  <!-- Uncomment the following to modify logging. Possible values are:
       log_level = "fatal"|"error"|"warn"|"info"|"debug"|"finest"  
                 default: info) ;
       log_thread_name = "true" | "false" ;
       log_time = "true" | "false" ;
       one or more log_output elements.

    <logging log_level="finest" log_thread_name="false"
       <log_output name="System.err" />
       <log_output name="../log/mapviewer.log" />

Remember to restart MapViewer after changing the config file


No base map

No base map named .... found check base map and/or data source name

Mapviewer No Base Map

Mapviewer No Base Map Solution

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