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The home page of OBIEE functions of the logical sql and from BI Server.

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OBIEE - (Display Function|Derived Measures) (Rank, TopN, Median, )

Oracle BI Answers simplifies the use of derived measures i.e. measures that are computed on a query result set such as ranks, Ntiles, standard deviations, running totals, moving averages, and moving medians....
Obiee Case When Lookup
OBIEE - Case When Statement

This article is the case expression in OBIEE Logical SQL. This operator calculation have two type: the the In a CASE statement, AND has precedence over OR. If no ELSE expression is specified,...
Obiee Database Cast Feature
OBIEE - Cast as date - Which date format to use ?

When you use the cast function to transform a character data type as a date, you may struggle with the date format that you have to give in a formula column because it depends of the configuration. ...
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OBIEE - Choose Function

This function takes an arbitrary number of parameters and returns the first item in the list that the user has permission to see. For example, a single query can be written to return security-based...
Privilege Evaluate Predicate
OBIEE - Evaluate - Embedded DB Functions

This Evaluate functions (since version enables users and administrators to create more powerful reports by directly calling Database functions from: either Oracle BI Answers or by using...
Obiee Security User Indexcol
OBIEE - IndexCol Function - Handle hierarchy Level security

The INDEXCOL function helps to select the appropriate column and behave as the IF THEN structure. It can then use external information to return the appropriate column for the logged-in user to see. ...
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OBIEE - Last/First function (Point in Time measure)

Function that selects the first/last returned value of the expression argument. Syntax: where expression is any expression. You cannot use it in Logical SQL statements. It must be used in the repository....
Obiee Ceim
OBIEE - Logical Sql

The logical SQL is the SQL that understand BI Server. It's a full Ansi 92 SQL (including subqueries and derived tables), plus special functions (SQL extensions) like AGO, TODATE, EVALUATE, and others....
Obiee Topn Global Scope

The TopN function in OBIEE permit to perform a TopN analysis. The TOPN function operates on the values returned in the result set. When you add it as a formula column in an answer, the data are automatically...

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