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This article is about the case expression in OBIEE Logical SQL.

This operator calculation have two type:

  • In a CASE statement, AND has precedence over OR.
  • If no ELSE expression is specified, the system will automatically add an null.

You can enter it on every place where you create a logical sql as the formula in Presentation service but also in the BI Server Expression Builder.

Obiee Case When Lookup

A Point-and-click generation of case statement logic is given by the Bins tab of the Column Formula

Type of case


If the last ELSE statement is omitted, “ELSE NULL” is assumed. The case when statement returns then NULL.

Case If

CASE WHEN "Sales Facts"."Amount Sold" > 600000  THEN 'Big' 
     WHEN "Sales Facts"."Amount Sold" > 300000  THEN 'Middle' 
     ELSE 'Small' END

Request Condition Operator:

  • >
  • =
  • IN The IN operator can only be used in the repository and not in the logical sql (ie in an answer/analytics)

Case Switch

It's also known as the case Lookup.

CASE  Promotions."Promo Subcategory" 
WHEN  'TV commercial'          then 'Commercial'  
WHEN  'TV program sponsorship' then 'Sponsor'  
ELSE  'Default' 



With the GROUP system session variable in the repository

'Administrators;XMLP_ADMIN' in ('Administrators', 'CNT_ADMIN')


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