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localization refers to the process of adapting the Oracle Business Intelligence deployment to a particular language.

BI Presentation Services

Part of the process of customizing is localizing the interface, if your users speak languages other than English. Users can select a language on the sign-in page for Oracle BI EE, and many elements of the interface are automatically displayed in the appropriate language. After signing in, users can change the language setting on the Preferences tab of the My Account dialog.

The user's setting is stored in the WEBLANGUAGE session variable. For the Oracle BI Presentation Services user interface, WEBLANGUAGE is set when a user selects a language on the sign-in page.


You can use the functionality of MapViewer to label the features of a theme (called a layer for maps in Oracle BI EE) using a specific language or locale.

BI Server

The General section of the NQSConfig.INI file contains parameters that are required for localization and internationalization. It also contains default parameters that determine how data is sent from the Oracle BI Server to a client application.

The following parameters in the NQSConfig.INI file affect localization:

  • SORT_ORDER_LOCALE. (The value to use for the C-run-time locale during server startup)

Some locale- and language-related settings are interrelated and help determine how the Oracle BI Server sorts data.


OBIEE - Case When Statement


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