OBIEE - (Invoke|Navigate) to an URL (Web Page|HTTP Request)

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When creating a “Navigate to a Web Page” or an “invoke an HTTP reqest” action, you need to give an URL.

Unfortunately, you can not use a relative URL (relative to the server), you need to use aliases to make them “relative”.



With the Go URL:

Obiee Go Url Filtering With Action Navigate To Web Page


  • the ps alias has the presentation server value https://host:port/analytics/
  • and we use the Go URL syntax: saw.dll?Go&Path=@{Path}&Action=@{Action}&P0=@{P0}&P1=@{P1}&P2=@{P2}&P3=@{P3}


The Oracle BI EE installation contains a configuration file:

<Oracle Middleware Home>\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\fmwconfig\biinstances\coreapplication\ActionFrameworkConfig.xml

After you modify the configuration file, you need to restart the Managed Server in Weblogic that is hosting your Oracle BI EE environment.



Documentation / Reference

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