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The first integration technnque in OBIEE Presentation Service is the use of HTML Markup and then of javascript.

You can add HTML content :

  • if you have the privilege
  • if you check the “Contains HTML Markup” check box that are present in this views:
    • Narrative,
    • Ticker,
    • Static Text,
    • and No Results
  • if you add it in the Advanced Tab.

If you want to be able to add HTML markup in other fields, you have to disable HardenXSS.


To check your privileges :

  • Setting / Administration / Manage Privileges / Answers / Save Content with HTML Markup


HTML Tag if you don't see the check box

If you don't see the check box, you can try to add a node <HTML></HTML>.

For example with a javascript code :

<A HREF='javascript:onClick=alert("Not an active link")'>Click here</A>

Tested with version and doesn't work.

Reference Documentation

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Saw Object
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