OBIEE - Where and how to call an image / picture ?


Where and how to call an image in OBIEE.

Before reading further this page, it's recommended to have a little bit of knowledge of:

to be able to understand the image path.

Image Location

When OBIEE ask for a location, you have the below possibilities :

Type of location Pattern Example
A fmap path fmap:mydirectory/myimage.jpg
An URL http://imageserver/MyImage.gif
A relative path myCustumURLPath/mySkinDirectory/mydirectory/image.gif analyticsRes/s_NewFrontiers/mydirectory/myimage.jpg
a network drive //imageserver/mydirectory/myimage.jpg

Where Can I add an image


Every element where you can customize the style as a column for instance :

  • If you see your image in the image square in place of a white square (you can see my face), it's that Oracle BI Presentation Service know your image and have loaded it.
  • “When running in a secure environment refer…” on the picture refer to the hardenxss configuration.

The title view of an answer

In an image dashboard Object

The result :

If you see any image and that you are sure that the picture was loaded, then verify the style chosen for this dashboard.

In a formula

'<img src="analyticsRes/s_NewFrontiers/mydirectory/' || mytable.mycolumnimage || '"' >'

In a dashboard text object

<a href="saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=MyDashboardPath&Page=MyPage&Action=Navigate">
<img src="" alt="HotItem is hot !" /></a>


I don't see my picture when I use fmap

  • Have you restart the BI Presentation Server
  • In a dashboard, do you use the skin of the dashboard property ?
  • Do you see an image in the style column properties ?
    • If not, the path isn't good
    • If yes, have you copy the file in the web directory ?. Open the code source of the HTML page and search the name of your image. You must find this kind of img node :
<img border=0 src="analyticsRes/s_NewFrontiers/mydirectory/myimage.jpg">

Documentation / Reference

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