OBIEE - (Answer|Analytics) Views

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View (data displays) are used to display the data result set of an analysis.

They are build using ADF DVT.

Documentation / Reference

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Obiee Funnel
OBIEE - Funnel View

The funnel view displays results as a three-dimensional graph that represents target and actual values using volume, level, and color. Typically, funnel graphs are used to graphically represent data...
Obiee Narrative Template For Excel
OBIEE - How to create an HTML view (Narrative, Static Text) to get a good Excel formatting ?

When you download an answer to Excel, you have all the chances to get a bad alignment of the cells when you use a view with HTML tag (such as a narrative view of a static text). OBIEE uses MHTMLMHTML...
Saw Object
OBIEE 10G/11G - Pivot View

This view displays results in a pivot table, which provides a summary view of data in cross-tab format. Pivot tables provide the ability to rotate rows, columns, and section headings to obtain different...
Obiee Graph Line
OBIEE 10G/11g - (Chart|Graph) View

A graph view displays numeric information visually, which makes it easier to understand large quantities of data. For displaying a single data value, a gauge is often more effective than a graph. Graphs...
Obiee11g Map View Component
OBIEE 11G - Map View

Map view is a new view in 11g that permit to include a mapviewer map in an answer. When you edit a map view and work with layers, you create formats for those layers. For example: the floor maps of...
Obiee 11g View Layout Drop Target
OBIEE 11G - The drop targets of a layout (view|pane)

In the documentation, the different drop target (area) of a view are used. The below picture shows what means: Page Edge Section (Section Sliders if the check box “Display as Slider” is checked...

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