OBIEE - How to set up a navigate interaction ?

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The navigate choice of the interaction properties of a column permits you to navigate to an other answers and optionally to set a filter.


For a column in an answer, you can configure it to add a web-link on each value which point to an other answers that will be filtered with the help of the value in the weblink.

You do it in two steps :

  • create the detail answers (target)
  • configure the original answers column properties

First, create the target answers with the details information that you need and add the drill column as filter. Example : for a customer, the customer id. When the user will click on the cust id, it will see this report.

Obiee Navigation Target Answers

Second, go to the answer where you want the drill functionality and fill the navigate properties of the drill column as :

Obiee Column Properties Value Interaction Navigate

The result : When you click on the web-link of a customer id, the value is passed to the detail report and is then used to filter the details informations.

Obiee Navigate Drill Down Report

To get the navigation the default behaviour for this column, you can set the properties as the system-wide-default

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