OBIEE 10G - How to drill from a map created with Mapviewer ?

1 - About

This article give a way to be able to drill from the map created with this article : OBIEE 10G - Integration of a heat-map with Mapviewer.

To be able to drill down on a mouse click, we must add a listener which call a function which use the parent.PortalPageNav obiee javascript function to drill on a dashboard page and transmit a filter.

3 - How to

  • You have to extend the variable mapview to global.
  • Add a listener

    DynamicTheme.addEventListener("mouse_click", eventListenerClick);

  • create the function to handle the event

function eventListenerClick(point,foi,evt)
	var htmlString =
		"Cust State Province: " + foi.attrs[1]+ "<br>"+
		"Value: " + foi.attrs[2] + "<br>"+
		"<a href=\"javascript:void(null)\" onclick=\"JavaScript:parent.PortalPageNav(event,
 '/shared/DashboardPath','DashboardPage','PresentationTable','PresentationColumn'," + foi.attrs[1]+ "');\">Drill</a></font>";
	mapview.displayInfoWindow(point, htmlString,180,75);

The function parent.PortalPageNav is a filter function and belong to the Dashboard Url functionality.

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