OBIPS - Allow HTML markup


How to resolve this error:

Catalog object privilege validation failed for user to path /shared/Dashboard/Analyses/myAnalse. 
You do not currently have sufficient privileges to save a report or dashboard page that contains HTML markup. 
This HTML might be present in column headings, table headings, text views, ticker views, 
narrative views, the print header, or the print footer and must be removed before saving.

Configuration Steps

11g - HardenXSS

The HardenXSS element secures Oracle BI Presentation Services against cross-site scripting (XSS). Securing against XSS prohibits HTML input in fields in Oracle BI Presentation Services that would otherwise accept HTML.

In a secure environment (that is, by default or when HardenXSS is set to true), only resources (images) that are located in Oracle BI Presentation Services may be used. These images are referenced using a relative path prefixed with fmap: (for example, fmap:images/someimage.gif) and cannot be retrieved using a full URL (for example,

HardenXSS does not handle the HTML Markup functionality that authorize HTML in views.

By default, Oracle BI Presentation Services is secured against XSS, which means that users cannot enter HTML; instead they can enter only plain text. If you want to allow users to enter HTML or javascript, add the HardenXSS element to the Oracle BI Presentation Services configuration file (instanceconfig.xml) and set it to false.

The following entry is an example:


12c - Save Content With HTML Markup

OBIEE 12c: 'Save Content With HTML Markup' Is Missing In and Later (Doc ID 2309701.1)

A two steps configuration:



  • Then gives the privilege: Answer > Save Content with HTML Markup

Documentation / Reference

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