OBIEE - Presentation Services Architecture

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The Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services provides the framework and interface for presentation of Business Intelligence data to web clients.

It maintains a Presentation Catalog service on the file system for the customization of this presentation framework.

It is a standalone process and integrates with the Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services Plug-in from which it receives web client requests. It communicates with the Oracle Business Intelligence Server using ODBC over TCP/IP.


Obiee Relationships Between Oracle Bi Infrastructure Components

Oracle BI Presentation Services consists of the following components.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Answers.

Oracle BI Answers provides answers to business questions. This interface allows users with the appropriate permissions to build and modify reports, also called requests, that let end users explore and interact with information, and present and visualize information using charts, pivot tables, and reports. Your organization may also have purchased prebuilt reports specific to your industry. The results of an Oracle BI Answers request can be formatted, saved, organized, and shared with others. A report can be configured to refresh results in real-time. Reports created with Oracle BI Answers can be saved in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and integrated into any Oracle BI home page or dashboard. Results can be enhanced through options such as charting, result layout, calculation, and drilldown features.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards.

Interactive Dashboards provide points of access for analytics information. When an end user accesses Oracle BI, the user’s default dashboard is typically the first page that appears. Dashboards are typically used to display reports that contain content specific to the needs of individual users or groups. Historical and current data sources can be merged into a single dashboard. Users with the appropriate permissions can place results from Oracle BI Answers into dashboards for use by end users. Your organization may also have purchased preconfigured dashboards that contain prebuilt reports specific to your industry.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

Oracle BI Delivers is the interface used to create Oracle Business Intelligence Alerts based on analytics results. Specific results can be detected within reports and the appropriate people notified immediately through Web, wireless, and mobile communications channels. Oracle BI Delivers uses intelligence bots called iBots to detect specific results. iBots are software-based agents, driven by schedules or events that can access, filter, and perform analytics on data based on specified criteria. Users with the appropriate permissions can use Oracle BI Delivers to set up the conditions to trigger an alert. For example, if a user should be notified when a particular event occurs, such as customer account going critical, an alert can be created that will notify the user through a number of delivery options, such as email or cell phone.

Storage Answers and Dashboard

The Oracle BI Presentation Catalog stores content created with Oracle BI Answers and Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards. Content can be organized into folders that are either shared or personal. Types of content that can be stored in the Presentation Catalog include requests created with Oracle BI Answers, HTML content, and links to other images, documents, and sites.

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