OBIEE 10G/11G - Conditional Formatting

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Conditional Formatting is dependent of a condition whereas a cosmetic formatting is independent of a condition.

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Obiee Css Width None
OBIEE - Cosmetic Formatting (Style, Css)

Cosmetic formatting is independent of a condition whereas a Conditional Formatting is dependent of a condition. To suppress the inheritance of the default 100% width property of the dashboard...
Obiee Conditionnal Formating Class
OBIEE - How to mix String and Number data type in one column and obtain a sum ?

Sometimes, you want to mix number and string data type in one column because you want to send a conditional message : For instance, : if value > 1000, write “To Big” else value if value is null,...
Obiee Presentation Variable Formula Column
OBIEE - Where can I use a presentation variable ?

You can reference presentation variables in the following areas : Answers : Title Views Narrative Views Column Filters Column Formulas Conditional Formatting conditions Chart scale markers....
Obiee Conditionnal Formating
OBIEE 10G - Cross conditional formatting on a pivot

OBIEE does not support cross column conditional formatting in Pivot view. For instance, it's not possible to set a red background of a column based on the value of an other column. Below is a workaround...
Obiee Goal Suppress Detail Row Of Group
OBIEE 10G - How to suppress detail rows of a master group in a pivot view ?

You have detail row of a group in a pivot view that you want suppress as this : We have two solutions : if you don't need a total by “promo Category” (by post or by internet), you can create...
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OBIEE 10G/11G - Answer/Analytics

(Answers 10g|Analyses 11g) is the base component of BI Presentation Service to create Web report . It provides: ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities. The definition of an answer is principally...
Obiee Pivot View Grand Total Formatting
OBIEE 10G/11G - Grand Total Formatting in a Pivot view

found the column where you want to add the grand total formatting (one of the node and add the previous XML “” Credits...
Obiee Graph Line
OBIEE 10G/11g - (Chart|Graph) View

A graph view displays numeric information visually, which makes it easier to understand large quantities of data. For displaying a single data value, a gauge is often more effective than a graph. Graphs...

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