OBIEE 10G/11G/12C - Presentation Services log (sawlog.log)


By default, Oracle BI Presentation Services is configured to log all error events and informational and warning events of sufficient importance.

An example of an important informational event is a server starting up or a server shutting down. Log files are named sawlogxx.log, where the xx is replaced by an incremented number.

The sawlog0 file is located:

  • on 10g: OracleBIData/web/log
  • on 11g: ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obipsn
  • on 12c: ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/obipsn/logs

You can query this log file online. See WebLogic - Diagnostics Framework (WLDF)

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