OBIEE - Catalog Manager


The catalog manager is an GUI administration tool to manage the webcat object.

The file catalogmanager.exe is located:

  • on 10g: BI_ORACLE_HOME\web\catalogmanager
  • on 11g, For the first presentation service in the instance (ie coreapplication_obips1 in place of coreapplication_obipsn) :
OS Path
Windows ORACLE_INSTANCE\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\catalogmanager\runcat.cmd
Linux ORACLE_INSTANCE/bifoundation/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1/catalogmanager/

On 11g, you can:

  • work with the Admin View of the catalog manager of presentation service (in the right frame)

Online / Offline

Many of the operations that you can perform using Catalog Manager are available in both online mode and offline mode. A few operations are available in only one mode or the other. Generally, the operations available in:

  • Online mode are read-only operations and write operations that do not affect the entire catalog, such as setting permissions for an object.
  • Offline mode include most of the operations available in online mode and write functions that affect the entire catalog, such as searching for and replacing catalog text.

The search functionality search in the objects (which is an XML file) of the BI Presentation Service (Folders, Requests, Filters, IBot, Dashboard Prompt, Dashboard Page).

The XML object definition doesn't contain the logical SQL but its definition (subject area, table, columns, …). For instance, if you search the term FROM you will never find it.

Export Catalog Information

In online mode:

    -online http://localhost:9704/analytics/saw.dll
    -login Administrator 
    -pwd Administrator
    -cmd report 
    -of c:\output.csv 
    -delimiter \",\"
    -type Requests \”Request Name\” \"Request Criteria Column\"

See OBIEE 11g: Changes to Catalog Manager “Create Report” Command Line Parameters in OBIEE and later


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