OBIEE 10G/11G - The Go URL

Saw Object


The Go URL is a part of the saw Url and is used to :

  • add an answer in your favorites,
  • link an answer to an other answer
  • issue sql
  • pass filters
  • integrate an answers into an external Web site
  • generate the result data as XML

The Go Url has a focus on the answers while the dashboard url has a focus on the dashboards.

The Basic Go URL

How to reference the Go Url :

From References
Oracle BI Presentation Services page saw.dll?Go From the actions, you need to set up an alias.
From another page on the same Web server /Analytics/saw.dll?Go From the actions, you need to set up an alias.
From a different server or sent through email, and so on http://server_name_or_ip_address/Analytics/saw.dll?Go

The basic Go URL command needs the full Presentation Catalog path to the request to execute. It returns the default result view, which is defined in the request.

To find the catalog path : Answers > Manage Catalog > Item Properties

Path of an OBI Presentation Service Object
Obiee Path

For example, the following go URL command returns the default result view as defined in the request, where “/users/gerardn/Test” is the catalog path.


URL Parameters

You can modify the behavior of the Dashboard URL command by adding parameters to the URL.

Parameters Format Definition
NQUser &NQUser=x User ID
NQPassword &NQPassword=x Password
Path &Path=x Path of the answer to execute. You can find it in the properties page (Answers/Manage Catalog/ and click on the properties icon (a little hand) of the object that you want. See picture above
Link Options &Options=x The x can be one or more of the following letters:
* m : Modify Request
* f : Printer Friendly
* d : Download to Excel
* r : Refresh Results
Printer Friendly &Action=print Results are in a printer-friendly format, without the paging controls, hot links, and so on.
Passing Filters &Action=Navigate To apply filters to the answer (OBIEE 10G/11G - Passing Filters through the Go and Dashboard URL)
Application Friendly &Action=Extract
Results are displayed in an application-friendly format, such as for Microsoft Excel, without the paging control, hot links, and so on. The Extract action also acts as a Navigate action (read Passing Filters to the Oracle BI Presentation Services Go URL Through a URL (Navigation)) so you can filter the results that are returned by the call.
Specific View &ViewName=x This shows an individual result view rather than the default compound view
Specific View &ViewID=go~x This shows an individual result view rather than the default compound view where x is the name of the view
Specific Style &Style=x This shows the results using a specified style. If the style does not exist, the default is used.
Result Format &Format=x This controls the format of the results. This is the format, where x can be xml, html, txt (tab separator), csv (comma separator)
File Extension &Extension=.csv This controls the file extension of the download file
Language &Lang=fr This controls the language of the report. The value permitted are the values of weblanguage
PostRequest &PostRequest Command to pass a post request

for the parameter &ViewName=x, you cannot use the standard names of the views, you have to use the view names from the XML of your report :

  • for charts: staticchart!# (where # stands for the number of your view)
  • for tables: tableView!#
  • for narrative views: narrativeView!#
  • for compound views: compoundView!#


URL Description
saw.dll?Go&Path=/users/gerardn/Test&NQUser=user1&NQPassword=rock This logs on as user1 with a password of rock, and displays the answers Test
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2 This displays the dashboard DB2
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Options=md This displays results with the links Modify Request and Download
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Action=Print Results are in a printer-friendly format, without the paging controls, hot links, and so on.
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Action=Extract Results are displayed in an application-friendly format, such as for Microsoft Excel, without the paging control, hot links, and so on.
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&ViewName=Chart Assuming that the request contains a Chart view named Chart, this displays just the Chart view.
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Style=Lime This uses the style named Lime to show the results.
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Format=XML This shows results in XML.
saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Test/SB2&Action=Scroll&P5=-1&ViewID=go~Table Displaying All Records in a Table assuming the View to control is called Table

Issuing SQL

You can also issue SQL.

The Go URL command can be used to issue Oracle Business Intelligence SQL. These forms of the Go URL return tabular results. The basic options from &Style= and &Options= can be used here as well.

To issue Oracle Business Intelligence's simplified SQL, include the escaped SQL as a parameter to the Go URL. For example:


where the FROM clause is the name of the Subject Area to query.

Alternatively, the command IssueRawSQL can be used to bypass the Web processing and issue SQL directly against the Oracle BI Server.

Passing Filters


If an invalid URL is specified (for example, you type a parameter incorrectly), the browser returns the “The page cannot be found” error with detailed text of “HTTP 400 - Bad Request.”


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