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OBIEE 10g uses MHTML as the formatting code when downloading files to Excel.

Microsoft Excel's Internet Query Feature

Integrating an analysis with Excel's Internet Query (IQY) feature enables you to run the analysis from within Excel. This feature can be useful for printing and distributing analyses. You can integrate analyses into Excel's IQY feature only with results that are displayed in one or more table or pivot table views. Other view types are not supported.

When the IQY file is opened in Excel, you are prompted to enter your Oracle Business Intelligence user ID and password. (You must have a nonblank password.) Then, the results of the saved analysis are retrieved and placed in an Excel spreadsheet. You can save the Excel spreadsheet so that the data can be refreshed directly from within Excel.


  • Generate and download a Web Query file with the help of the link available in the Analysis editor: Advanced tab.
  • Open the file in Excel, you can modify it, specify additional formatting, enhance it with graphs, and so on. By default, Excel prompts you to enter your user ID and password each time that the query is refreshed. Alternatively, you can save your user ID and password within the spreadsheet.


Excel Export Issue on Windows Vista Client

Vista prevents applets from creating files in the local file system if the User Account Control (UAC) system is turned on. You can experience this problem if you have the UAC setting enabled on Vista and if you use a component like Discoverer Plus. If you start Discoverer Plus and if you try exporting a worksheet to a specified directory, the exporting succeeds but you cannot see the exported file in the directory. The available workarounds is to disable UAC and set protection mode to OFF. Refer to Bugs 8410655 and 7328867 for additional information.

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