OBIEE 11G - XUDML Format (Oracle BI Server XML API )


OBIEE provides utilities to create a generic, XML-based representation of the Oracle BI repository metadata knwon as XUDML file.

This XML file version of the repository can be used to programmatically modify the repository.

The Oracle BI Server XML API objects correspond to metadata repository objects in an RPD file.

The XUDML fromat is different from the MDS XML format.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<Repository xmlns:xsi="">
    <ObjectType {attributes}>
    <ObjectType {attributes}>


Used to leverage the Oracle BI Server XML API for metadata migration, programmatic metadata generation and manipulation, metadata patching, and other functions.

The XML utilities include:


The Oracle BI Server XML schema document is:

  • ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/server/bin/xudml1.xsd

Most of the modeling relationships, including the hierarchical ones, are formed using name references between objects, not by the hierarchical structure of the XML.

Documentation / Reference

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